About Dakshin

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Dakshin Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation. Our mission is to inform and advocate conservation and natural resource management, while promoting and supporting sustainable livelihoods, social development and environmental justice. We adopt interdisciplinary approaches in our research and conservation interventions, drawing from the fields of ecology, conservation biology, sociology, economics, and law. Our work aims at building community capacity for conservation and enhancing community engagement in environmental decision-making. Our goal is to promote ecologically and socially appropriate approaches to conservation and management in coastal, marine and mountain ecosystems in India.

Dakshin aims to leverage simultaneous environmental and community-wellbeing benefits through stand-alone and intersectoral interventions. Our approach is based on an integrated philosophy that combines our research expertise from multiple fields to address environmental and livelihood concerns through appropriate models that are flexible across scales and implemented in partnership with local communities, government departments and other civil society organisations.

About ReefLog

ReefLog is a marine citizen science program aiming to increase ocean literacy, track marine species populations and enable responsible tourist behavior.

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Dakshin Foundation, #2203, 8th Main Rd, MCECHS Layout,D Block, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru - 560092