About ReefLog

ReefLog was piloted in 2015 at Havelock Island, Andamans in partnership with leading dive shops in the region, with the support of a grant from PADI Foundation. With lessons learned from the pioneer program, our team decided to introduce Reeflog to dive shops in mainland India in 2021.

We partner with dive operators to conduct ReefLog dives in their location, providing dive staff with required training and material to collect accurate data. We welcome collaborations from dive operators across the country to implement Reeflog.

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The Indian Ocean is home to a wide variety of marine ecosystems - from colourful coral reefs, to rich seagrass beds or deep rocky reefs. However, the very sites we love to dive in are threatened by rapid urbanisation, pollution, overfishing and climate change. In order to conserve India’s rich marine ecosystems, it is important to know their present status and document changes over time. Unfortunately, these ecosystems are not regularly monitored to track population, species and ecosystem health. A lack of continuous monitoring and data related to marine ecosystem health makes it difficult to assess the condition of these important ecosystems.

Conducting underwater surveys regularly across the entire country is too time and resource intensive for the scientific community to undertake alone. In an effort to address this need and bring about greater involvement of the public, ReefLog was born. We invite SCUBA divers from across the country to join hands with us, in an effort to conserve our marine wealth.

About ReefLog

ReefLog is a marine citizen science program aiming to increase ocean literacy, track marine species populations and enable responsible tourist behavior.

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Dakshin Foundation, #2203, 8th Main Rd, MCECHS Layout,D Block, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru - 560092